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Key stories from this month's issue...

Economic Analysis - Growth Slows But Will Not Stumble - APR 2015

Central Europe & Baltic States February 2015 / Czech Republic / Economy

We maintain our outlook for Czech economic growth despite a moderate deceleration in Q414. We retain our view as favourable external economic conditions will continually drive demand for Czech exports while the combination of low unemployment, inflation, and energy costs bolster household income.


Economic Analysis - Factors of Contraction: Rouble, Rates, and Rising Prices - APR 2015

Russia & CIS February 2015 / Russia / Economy

Russia's economy will fall under severe strain during 2015. A combination of a weakened currency and rising inflation will suffocate consumer demand resulting in a fall in private consumption. Meanwhile tight credit conditions in reaction to this inflationary pressure will severely restrict business activity during the year resulting in a significant investment decrease.


Political Risk Analysis - Gas Hub Ambitions Unrealistic - APR 2015

South East Europe February 2015 / Bulgaria / Political Risk

Bulgaria's energy security will attract increasing interest from Western powers over the coming years due to its dependence on Russian gas. However, Bulgaria's poor business environment will prevent it from being able to develop the requisite infrastructure to become a regional gas hub in its own right.