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Key stories from this month's issue...

Economic Analysis - Growth Model Threatened By Declining Competitiveness - MAY 2017

Central Europe & Baltic States March 2017 / Hungary / Economy

Hungary's per capita GDP convergence with more developed economies in Western Europe will slow over the next decade relative to the pre-crisis period. Among the major headwinds dampening long-term growth prospects will be a shrinking labour force, low levels of capital investment, and weak productivity growth.


Macroeconomic Forecasts - Kazakhstan - MAY 2017

Russia & CIS March 2017 / Kazakhstan / Economy

Macroeconomic Forecast


Industry Forecast - Banking Sector: Brighter Outlook On Accelerating Economic Activity - MAY 2017

South East Europe March 2017 / Bosnia-Herzegovina / Economy

BMI View: The short-term outlook for Bosnia's banking sector has improved as the country's economic recovery takes hold and both capital ratios and asset quality improves. Political risks remain at the forefront of the immediate threats to stability, particularly if they jeopardise the IMF arrangement that remains the key anchor for reform.