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Key stories from this month's issue...

Political Risk Analysis - Policy Continuity At the Forefront - DEC 2017

Central Europe & Baltic States October 2017 / Estonia / Political Risk

In the context of broad political stability, the Estonian ruling coalition will display a large degree of policy continuity in the coming months. As announced, the government will focus on four main areas: promoting economic growth, increasing welfare and cohesion, increasing the population of Estonia, and strengthening the country's security. In addition, we expect technology and innovation in public services to remain high on the country's agenda.


Political Risk Analysis - No Clear Presidential Candidate In Sight - DEC 2017

Russia & CIS October 2017 / Kyrgyzstan / Political Risk

The extremely crowded presidential candidate field, with more than 30 people having declared their wish to be candidates, will lead to continued political uncertainty. In addition, there are signs of growing discord within the ruling party with the party having two presidential candidates. With candidates struggling to differentiate themselves amid a crowded field, we believe that it is likely they will turn to nationalistic and tribal arguments in order to gather votes, presenting downside risks to social stability. We therefore maintain our short-term political risk score at 56.3.


Macroeconomic Forecasts - Romania - DEC 2017

South East Europe October 2017 / Romania / Economy

Macro Forecast