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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Forecast - Banking Sector Robust, Although Household Credit Growth Weakening - JULY 2017

Central Europe & Baltic States May 2017 / Slovakia / Economy

The Slovak banking sector will continue on a robust path over the coming quarters, owing to the solid underlining economy and robust fundamentals. That said, we note that loan growth will be more subdued compared to previous years on account of weaker credit expansion in the household sector.


Currency Forecast - KZT: Improving Fundamentals Drive Further Appreciation - JULY 2017

Russia & CIS May 2017 / Kazakhstan / Finance

After a strong performance in Q117 the Kazakh tenge will stabilise against the US dollar in the short term. Over the longer term, rising global oil prices and domestic energy production, the central bank's commitment to inflation targeting, and tenge outperformance versus the Russian rouble will support further appreciation over the next two years._x000d_


Economic Analysis - Disinflationary Pressures To Delay Tightening - JUNE 2017

South East Europe April 2017 / Romania / Economy

We have revised down our forecasts for the trajectory of Romanian inflation and policy rates in 2017. However, we still project the NBR to hike interest rates by the end of 2017 to counteract the build-up of inflationary pressures stemming from robust domestic growth.